Thursday, March 11, 2010

Picture Perfect(?)

I just finished reading a blog by Sarah Markley about beauty, and I figured I would chime in.

Most days, I look like this.
Note the acne and greasy hair.
But last Friday, I got to be this.
Sure, I had the help of a make up artist(My dear friend, Laci), but I feel like in that photo, I am beautiful. But is it lasting?
I posted the photo to my facebook and within hours, I had friends telling me how beautiful I looked. And a message from one of my other friends, who makes a living out of editing photos. He said that he enjoyed knowing every post-photography process that was used to make that photo so 'beautiful.'
And doubt kicked in. "Is that really what I looked like?" "How much was photoshop?" "How much concealer did Laci have to use?"
Then I realized.
It doesnt matter.

Today, my brother and I got a DVD of videos and pictures from a summer camp we attend, and I watched a video of one of my favorite skits from that week. The main character struggles with seeing herself as God's masterpiece, but God comes and shows her that when she surrenders over all the ugliness and flaws, He can make something truly beautiful.

So now, I start the process of handing over all those flaws. All the ugliness. Everything not of God. As he chisels away all the junk, His true masterpiece is sure to emerge.


  1. your blog just reeks of Christ's love. I thank God for you... I love you very much and thank you for pouring your heart out into this it is really encouraging. love you, miss you, Erin D.

  2. Thanks Erin C: I miss you too so much! *hugs*

  3. Wow. What a transparent, raw post. I'm here via Sarah's links today. And I really appreciate your honesty. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great week!

  4. oh, i loved this, Laura.

    thank you so much for posting this.

    oh, and YOU ARE GORGEOUS!

    just saying. =)

  5. I loved your words here.... and your heart displayed.

    I found you from Sarah's. BTW I am a home school mom...

    I too have written about beauty but am not on Sarah's blog post. I wrote my Saturday. I've written about beauty in the stillness... I'd love to have you visit if you choose.

    What's rocked my world the most is that I am seeing beauty through the eyes of the One who created it. It is changing me forever.

    It's nice to meet you!

  6. I'm so glad we are all finding each other through Sarah's challenge on beauty. Isn't it amazing how we all see beauty with such diversity. And I agree with are gorgeous! Inside and out :)

  7. Found you, through Sarah's blog. Love the endline and how much that I can relate. God bless.

  8. I think you're beautiful in BOTH pictures! Thanks for a really great post!

  9. That's so great! I love the quote "The hands that are chipping away at my heart are nail pierced"!



  10. To everyone who commented, Thank you so much for your encouraging responses!
    Kristine, I think that finding the diversity in beauty is one of the great things about Sarah's challenge. It makes us look at things more than just a beautiful person, but in people's hearts, it the mundane things of every day life, and the things no one sees as beautiful except us and Jesus.

    I'll be reading everyone's blogs soon! Thanks so much!

  11. In regards to the chiseling comment, I am going to see if I can upload the video I was talking about. It really spoke to me and everyone who saw it presented, and I'm sure it will touch you too!

  12. That is the simple truth of it, isn't it... we are God's masterpiece. We only need to accept that! Wonderful post. I am here from the beauty links list on Sarah's blog! :)


  13. Great post! An honest take on the struggle we all deal with. And a reminder of the happy ending to our struggle-with-beauty story - God's love!

  14. Thank you so much to everyone for their comments! Im very bad at having something to say back, so I will hopefully have something to say on all of your blogs! I will be looking at everyone's blogs to see what all you wonderful ladies have to say.

    Thank you!

  15. Laura,
    First of all, I think both pics are beautiful!

    And then...your heart....

    picture perfect...thank you for sharing it.

    I came over from sarah's blog as post is

  16. I came over from Sarah's blog, like many of the other ladies here...if you're interested, my post is

    Don't listen to what others're right about being God's masterpiece.

  17. You don't need photoshop to be beautiful, because God already made you that way!

  18. I loved your post- so beautiful and raw and true. I loved it! One of my faves actually. I followed. I am so glad that Sarah did this, so many people have such great things to say. I especially love this part:
    "So now, I start the process of handing over all those flaws. All the ugliness. Everything not of God. As he chisels away all the junk, His true masterpiece is sure to emerge."
    If you get the chance pass by my blog, maybe follow if you like.

  19. Found you via Sarah Markley. Your post really challenges me. My struggles with beauty I hold so close, the thought of giving them to God makes me uncomfortable. You're right though, in order for me to properly redefine beauty (as I wrote about for this challenge) I need to surrender my doubts to Him.

    Thank you for that!