Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Should Probably Become a Nun...

The title has nothing to do with my last blog. Its about what I'm sharing with you today. I wrote this, as i call it, "pseudopoem" about a boy who then decided he didn't want to like me. I should probably swear off boys for a while.
We are both becoming such good actors. We play these parts of "just friends" so well. No one would know, we keep them all guessing. But we know the whispers we trade. You ask me to wait, hold back my heart through these years that threaten to keep us apart. But we both know I can't make promises. We both know that's asking too much. So we put on the make up and play our parts well. And entwine our fingers when the bright lights fade. But slowly, it fades to grey. And suddenly I see.
You're too good an actor for me.

Thanks to max for commenting on my last blog. You should probably leave a link to yours so i can read it C:


  1. Cool poem. I no longer have a blog. :( so no link available.

  2. Thanks, max C:
    I appreciate your comments. Its nice to know someone besides my mom reads my blogs. =P