Sunday, November 8, 2009

Please Support Me?

So this Friday, the 13th, I'm playing a battle of the bands at the Total Rec in Streator. I'm playing against four other bands and i really need everyone possible to come out and support me.
I havent played a show since July, and if I make it through this round, I get to play another show on New Years which is honestly as good as winning! Please come help me!

Its not about the grand prize, I just want to play!

Show starts at 6:30!

So if you're coming...
-Be Ridiculous. Wear facepaint, dance, make t shirts(or buy one from me! I can make you one for about $10!), bring signs...whatever!
-Scream and cheer very loud after every song!
-Sing along! Even if you dont know the words, you can pick up on the choruses!

Thanks so much, everyone! I love you!

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