Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ted Has Done It Again

Ted has done it again. Green completes a circle of four books that have been captivating readers for half a decade. I was skeptical that Green could be read before Black, but as the story wraps up, you see it all come together to form a seamless loop of time that takes you deep. Dekker beautifully illustrates the true to life battle between good and evil, faith and despair, love and conflict. In Green, Thomas struggles as cracks begin to appear in the Circle. His own son, Samuel, is deceived and rebels against the Great Romance. Evil grows and seems to be unstoppable, and Elyon seems to have left them. The Horde and Circle meet as Thomas tries to convince them yet again of the love that Elyon, maker of all, has for them. But evil so deeply entrenched in their hearts keeps them from seeing the good that Thomas is trying to incur. Two new characters find their way into the Other World and wrap themselves in all that Teeleh has to offer them, causing more danger for Thomas, Chelise, and the entire Circle. The battle lines are being drawn and Thomas finds himself stranded in the twenty first century. Finally, when it seems like all is lost, Thomas returns to the Circle and Elyon shows Himself, leading the Circle to the war to end it all.

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